Lisa Lamb Interiors

Meet Lisa Lamb. Timeless Design That Tells a Story.

Why Devonshire Custom Homes interior designs are unique to your personality


Five minutes into your first meeting with Devonshire Custom Homes interior design partner Lisa Lamb you understand why homes built with this partnership reflect nothing short of unique, timeless beauty.

It’s by design (pun very much intended).

Lisa Lamb Bright, inviting, energetic and inspirational, Lisa is a delight to work with to turn your dream into the custom home you want. Lisa Lamb Interiors is the design partner of Devonshire Custom Homes precisely because “partner” is at the core of how she creates timeless design for clients that at once matches their personality and tells a story.

Lisa’s approach instantly explains why her interior designs are unique. She eschews custom home design trends. The problem with trends she say is “retail is at the end of a trend.” Preferring to create “timeless and classic” elegant design, Lisa doesn’t want to “let  space date itself.”

Devonshire Custom Homes clients meet with Lisa early in the building process to determine actual house plans. Using a survey of the lot chosen by the client, the team determines how much of the lot will be used for the house itself. Then layout is discussed, room sizes, elevation style, and the spaces are defined.

During this process, Lisa’s guiding principle is “design is trust. Trust design to guide you.” She is emphatic that “you have to get to know the client. The space must reflect their personality.” Her approach is to take the client’s style, and exude it. She seeks a cohesive look, utilizing pieces and design matching family, personal experiences and travels to tell a story, making the design “more visually interesting.” Her enthusiasm about this process is exhilarating. “I get excited for the pre-construction meeting. This is fun. It has never been work for me.”

Interior Design Inspiration

Where does Lisa get design inspiration?

“From the world around me. Photography, magazines, colors in a closet, a gate, a plant. Really anything.”

As an example, Lisa designed a living room based on Dragon Fruit. While having breakfast in China, Lisa was drawn to the textured white and black spots inside her Dragon Fruit. She took a picture of the fruit and then designed a living room in neutral, black and white confetti with a punch of pink.

With extensive travel experience both in the U.S. and abroad Lisa has had the opportunity to study a variety of design styles and motifs. Utilizing color, texture and shape, the brushstrokes from Lisa’s design palette allow her to create a space that exudes warmth, sophistication and the individual preferences of her clientele.

Why Lisa Lamb Interiors is our ideal partner

Lisa’s unique educational background of a business degree from Southern Methodist University and an interior design degree from the Institute of Art in Chicago make her the perfect partner in building homes that delight Devonshire Custom Homes clients. She has the unique ability to blend her business education with design, resulting in the ideal use of space and design, providing timeless, classic, elegant design.  She is an integral part of the house planning stage for our clientele.

Coupled with her natural, engaging warmth and personality, Lisa’s unique educational background is why five minutes into your first meeting with her you’ll trust that she can blend your sense of style into a timeless, classic interior design for your new custom home that tells your unique story in a visually compelling way. And that’s why she is the ideal interior design partner for Devonshire Custom Homes.