Our Custom Home Building Process

We know that building a new home is an exciting event and want you to enjoy every moment of it. With over 100 years of experience in custom home building, we know how to take the stress out of the new home building process. Our sales and design staff will be your partner helping to build the dream home for you and your family.

Custom Home Building Requirements


We all know about wanting more than we can afford. In the initial meeting, we will determine what size home, desired location, style of home, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms you would like. All these items are keys to the cost of your custom home building project.


After understanding what size and type of custom home you are interested in building, financing will be discussed. We have a number of different financing options to meet your criteria.

Custom Home Building Financing
custom home building lot selection


If you don’t have your own lot we will assist you in finding a lot for your custom home. We will guide you to a lot in the price range and neighborhood that fits your criteria.


At this time of the custom home building process we have you sit down with our designer to determine actual house plans.

We will use a survey of the lot you have chosen. This will help us determine how much of the lot will be used for the house itself.

The layout is then discussed, room sizes, elevation style, and the first draft of your wish list for your home. This process can take some time, you don’t want to rush it. The time taken now makes the building process go a lot smoother.

First, we do the 1st floor, and if that looks good, we then to the 2nd floor. If both of these are too your liking, we move on to the elevation.

Custom Home Building Plans
Custom Home Building Interior Design


This is the most time consuming part of the whole process. Since we are a custom home builder, we give allowances when choices can’t be made at the planning stage. This is quite normal as it can be overwhelming to have to make all the decisions at one time. “CUSTOM” home builder we give allowances when choices can’t be made at the plans stage. Some can’t be so this is quite normal. It can be overwhelming to “HAVE” to do all of this at one time.


Once plans have been signed off on as completed they then go to our structural engineer. They are signed and sealed by him. Now your plans are ready for the permitting process. Unfortunately this process is determined time wise by how busy the municipality is that we are submitting plans to. Some of the site work may be able to be done during this time.

Approved Engineering Plan
Custom home building construction phase


We are known for making the actual building process as easy as possible.
This is the time when your choices made earlier are ordered and scheduled for delivery. As needed our subcontractors walk through the framed house with you to go over the fine details, such as, cable or telephone locations.

We pride ourselves on making your building experience as pleasurable as possible.


With the construction complete, it’s time to move into your new custom home!

Finished Custom Home