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10 Tips for Selling Your Existing Home Quickly

So you are worried about selling your existing home quickly so you can build your dream home?

We hear that alot from homeowners who talk with us about their dream home vision. They are not sure what to do before listing their existing home on the market and are concerned about how long it will take to sell.

Here are 10 things you can do that will help you properly stage and sell your home.

1o Point Check List for Selling Your Existing Home Quickly

  1. Enhance Your Curb Appeal – Freshinging up your curb appeal is always a good idea before listing your home. Pressure wash your home exterior and windows. Plant new sod and freshenup up any flower beds. Trim shrubs and trees. COnsider replacing the mailbox if it is dated or weathered. Potential home buyers will often cruise your home and neighborhood before considering a showing. Give them reason to want to come in.
  2. Remove Clutter – Most prospective buyers will be trying to visualize your home as they will use it. Remove anything that is too personalized for your and your family, so they can envision theirs in the space. Declutter the area to show off the space and allow them to visualize their belongings in place of yours.
  3. Update Your Home Inside and Out  – Bathrooms and kitchens will get the most value if you renovate or update the interior of your home. Evaluate if your look is dated, and research the value of updating bathrooms, kitchens, and perhaps flooring.
  4. Stage Outdoor Furniture – Attractive tables and / or benches can help a prospective homebuyer imagine how they might use the outdoor spaces around your home. Make sure your deck, pool, porch and garden areas are staged attractively.
  5. Remove Your Pets – Yep, we all love our pets, but maybe your prospective buyer is a cat lover and you have a dog (or vice versa). Or perhaps they are not pet owners, or worse have pet allergies. Remove pet bowls, litter boxes, and your beloved pet(s) while your home is being shown. You want the potential home buyer to be able to visualize your home as their own, so similar to decluttering, remove your pet and related items that personalize the home to you until the tour is over.
  6. Flexibility is key – It may seem like an imposition to take showings outside of normal business hours, but remember that prospective buyers may not be able to see your home in those windows. Be flexible enough to take showing uptil say 7pm and on Weekends to help move your home.
  7. Sell the Neighborhood – Is your neighborhood a great neighborhood? Market the benefits of your neighborhood aggressively. Promote the lifestyle new homeowners will enjoy by moving into your home. Showcase nearby parks, dining, entertainment venues, schools, etc in your marketing.
  8. Take Great Pictures and Post Them – Take high quality photos (and lots of them) that accentuate the best elements of your home and post them aggressively. Videos are also a terrific way to showcase your home. Post these to Trulia.com and elsewhere.
  9. Use Social Media – This is an ideal place to showcase those photos and videos. Studies have shown that over 90% of buyers search online for a home. You should market your home on Trulia.com. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others. A good real estate agent will understand how to employ a proper digital marketing strategy, so discuss this before listing with them.
  10. Price. Price. Price – Price your home to sell.  Your realtor can provide you with “comps” for the recent sale of similar homes in your area. Average the selling prices, and then agressively price yours 10-15% lower to stimulate a quick sale.

Follow these tips and you should be on your way to a quicker sale of your existing home so that you can get on with building your new dream home.

Are you ready to talk about your vision for that new dream home? We’d be glad to discuss it with you in a no obligation free consultion. Just use the button below to schedule a meeting.