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New Home Building Checklist

New Home Building Checklist for 2019

If you’re in the process of building a new home or are looking at options, you will want to ensure that you get a home that meets the needs of your family and has everything you want.

The best way to be sure your new home building project really delivers everything you want is to do your research before your begin the process. Here is a new home building checklist to help you understand what you need to be aware of in advance and to plan accordingly.

New Home Building Roles and Responsibilities

Defining roles and responsibilities is one of the most important steps to building a new home. A clear plan for who is responsible for what will keep the project organized throughout the new home building process  What should you depend on your builder for? What things are your responsibility? Who makes final decisions on important items? It’s vital to s smooth, low stress home building project to understand the roles of everyone involved in the process:

  • Homeowners – Ultimately, it is your home and many decisions come down to your vision. That means you need to be available and prepared to answer questions as they arise. You will need meet deadlines set by your builder. It will be importnat that you ask questions and clearly define what you expect and what matters to you in the design and construction of your new home. Even in the areas where you are going to count on the builder to guide the selection process for items that you are not overly particular about, it will still be important that your builder has an idea of your general preferences.
  • Custom Home Builder/Construction Manager  Your custom home builder’s construction manager will be the liaison between the you and the other members of the home building team. The construction manager should be expected to provide assistance in planning the build, making sure that your wishes and best interests are considered, and all deliverables are on schedule.
  • Lenders – Like any other home purchase, a lender makes it possible for you to realize your dream to build your new custom home.
  • House Design -Whether you hire an outside architect to work with the builder or use the builder house designer, they will create drawings and specifications. This house plan ensures your wishes are met from the start.
  • Civil and Structural Engineers – Once plans have been signed off on as completed they then go to a structural engineer. They will be signed and sealed by him and made ready are ready for the permitting process. Engineers are involved throughout the home building process. They will provide insight about potential problems and address unique conditions should they arise during your home building process.
  • Sub Contractors  Sub contractors such as electricians, HVAC professionals, painters, roofers etc. will be part of the team that builds your new lucury home. It’s important that the home builder you use for your house project has pre-established relationships with professionals who have experience in custom home building. These sub-contractors often will be working together during your home building process, so these relationships can really help keep your project running smoothly.
  • Inspectors – A field inspector will review your architectural designs prior to the build, check in at various phases of the project It is their job to ensure that all codes and ordinances are adhered to in the final build.

Important House Building Decisions

During the building of your home, you will need to make important decisions, often quick decisions, to keep your project and your goals are understood and on track.  You may want to have a checklist prepared to be sure you can answer questions like these:

  • How should I organize my project?
  • Where will I keep all documents for my home build?
  • How will I track communication with my builder?
  • Who will make the final decisions in my family? How will we make sure in advance we agree on all points?
  • How will our decision maker be available to answer questions and to make decisions?
  • What is my target home completion date? What has to happen to make this goal a reality?

Monetary Considerations for the New Home Build Checklist

You will need to understand the costs for your home building project, but be prepared for unexpected expenses. Things you should include in your new home checklist include:

  • Home Building Budget – Check with multiple lenders and compare deal points. Make sure that you understand the costs of the the home that you want to build. Rank your wish list features in order of importance so you know what you can trim if you must. Talk with your builder to learn about all the options. Your builder may be able to help you identify ideal lending partners for a project such as what you have in mind.
  • Credit report – Before you apply for financing, order your credit report. Check for any errors that may exist.
  • Loan Options – Talk with your builder about lenders that they have experience with in previous custom home building projects.bWorking with and experienced custom home builder like Devonshire Custom Homes can be an asset in your chances of obtaining financing at favorable rates and terms. Obtain prequalification or preapproval from your chosen lender.

Working With the Right Home Builder

It is important to select the right builder to realize your dream home vision. If you don’t feel good about your builder from the start of if communication is difficult, you could be dissatisfied with the final outcome. You may want to ready our blog post on “what to look for in a new home builder in Tampa.”

Buying Land: What to Look For

For many homeowners, the location of their new dream home is as important as the features of the home  itself. If you are thinking of buying land we recommend our post on “Buying land for a building a new home building in Tampa Bay.”

Building Permits and Insurance

Your new home building checklist isn’t complete without preparing for for insurance and permits. Once you have bought your lot and secured financing, obtaining building permits and insurance is critical. Your builder should be expected to reach out to your local municipality to ensure all permits are in place prior to starting a build. For your checklist, its important you make sure this happens.

Custom Home Design Steps

When you begin working on your house design with your builder, consider the following steps:

  • What wish list items are must have features you cannot live without?
  • What features would be nice to have — if the budget permits — but you could do without?
  • Check with your builder to determine if your design list has any potential issues.
  • Be clear with your house designer about what your budget is and where you have flexibility. Talk with your builder about ways you might save on costs.
  • Prioritize your design wish list. Focusing the most important rooms and or features may allow you to incorporate design elements into the rest of the home and help you keep costs on budget.

Making Your Custom Home Selections

There will be a number of decisions to make about features of your new home. Custom home selections might include:

  • Kitchen features – Kitchen Cabinets, flooring and appliances all come with a variety of choices. You will need to select finishes and materials. As the homeowner, you’ll have complete control on this area. Be sure your preparation inlcudeds understanding what you want in cabinets, flooring and appliances.
  • Location of outlets – Outlets should be near cable hookups and phone lines. Think about how you will use the space in entertainment areas or offices. Make sure you clarify your needs during the design process. Remember that outlets within 6 feet of water sources must contain specific safety measures.
  • Laundry room  Consider what is practical in your home design for laundry needs. What features are important. How do lifestyle considerations factor into where you will want to locate your laundry room.
  • Flooring – What is your vision for flooring? Does your wish list include hardwood floors? What about carpeting? Do you favor tiles? Selections can vary from room to room and are going to be up to you. Be sure you know what you want for each room in your new home plan.
  • Color selections – Think about colors that fit your family’s personality for both inside and outside of your home. If you are not sure about room colors, here are some ideas for paint colors. You can also ask your builder for their thoughts.
  • Lighting – Lighting design is important from both a utility and a design perspective. The personality of your home will be somewhat defined by your lighting decisions. Here are some ideas for choosing the lighting for your new luxury home.

Water, Sewer Hookup Checklist for Building Your House

You can’t move into your home without water and sewer hookups. This process includes:

  • Setting up service – Discuss with your builder to what role you play in this process.
  • Inspection – You will need to have an installation inspection to look at water and sewer hookups, footings and plumbing.
  • Potential additional fees – Talk with your builder and research any additional fees that may appear during the process or any special exceptions that may exist on your land.

Landscaping and Final Cleanup

Once your new home is built, landscaping and final cleanup are next:

  • Landscaping plant choices and upkeep needs
  • Irrigation system and operation
  • Move-in ready final clean-up completed prior to closing.

Moving In

Once your new custom home is finished, its time to move in. Its a good idea to spend the weeks leading up to the anticipated completion of your home getting ready for the move in date. In preparation you may want to read our post, “6 week countdown to a stress free move.”

Most importantly, enjoy your new home! Consider throwing a housewarming party to welcome friends and to get to know your new neighbors.

If you are ready to get started on your new home building project, use this checklist as a start. When you are ready to talk to a builder about the items on this checklist, use the handly button below to set up a free consultation with our team at Devonshire Custom Homes.