Ultimate Housewarming party

How to Plan the Ultimate Housewarming Party for Your New Custom Home!

Moving into your new custom home is one of the most exciting moments you will ever enjoy.Once you’ve moved in, unpacked our life in your new surroundings and situated everything as you want, it’s time to invite friends and family to see the new custom home of your dreams.

To make it truly memorable, here’s our guide for “How to Plan the Ultimate Housewarming Party for Your New Custom Home.”

Planning the Ultimate Housewarming Party


    1. Make a Plan:
      • Like all good things, you need to begin with a plan. Choose a date that gives you plenty of time for stress free preparation. Decide if its a simple finger food open house, an elegant dinner party or a backyard barbeque party if your custom home features an outdoor living area with an outdoor kitchen. Remember this – your guests are coming to see your new how. Plan your party to show off the best features of your new digs!
    2. Decide on Your Guest List:  
      • For starters, you need to determine who and how many guests you are going to invite. If seating is going to be an issue based on the number of guests, you may want to go with the open house. Naturally, family and close friends will be on the list. You many want to invite some of your new neighbors, especially those who will be living closest to you.
    3. Create Memorable Invitations:Ultimate Housewarming party
      • A really intriguing idea was posted in HomeEdit using Paint Chips for Housewarming Invitations, celebrating your move-in process. They are fast, easy and do it yourself, ideal with your busy schedule as you get settled in your new home. You can learn how to make them on the HGTV website. Or match your invitations to a housewarming party theme.
    4. Send Out Your Invitations:
      • For a casual event a week is probably enough notice. For a more elaborate housewarming event, allow at least 3-4 weeks in advance. A personal invitation for your new neighbors would be a great way to break the ice.
    5. Get your Home Ready:
      • Give you new home a thorough cleaning and start sprucing it up for the main event. Prep the bathrooms with toilet paper, air fresheners. A nice touch are disposable paper napkin hand towels matching your decor or theme. Arrange your seating giving your guests ample places to congregate and enjoy the party menu. Rent additional seating if necessary to provide for your guest list. If you will be featuring your outdoor living, consider hanging paper lanterns.
    6. Create the Ultimate Housewarming Party Menu:
      • Once you have decided what type of event you are throwing its time to plan the menu. If its a finger food event, veggies, fruit, nuts, crackers and cheese are always good. Add some hot dips like spinach or artichoke. Dessert shots are always popular. If you are a gourmand creating more sophisticated finger foods, a nice touch is to add menu cards to identify each item for your guests. You may want to keep liquids to the clear variety to avoid stains in your new home.
      • Ultimate Housewarming PartyMore elaborate dinners or backyard barbecues will obviously entail a different approach. For a formal event you may want to include an RSVP in our invitation. Whatever your approach, plan for foods that are easy to eat and provide lots of napkins.
      • Consider having your local bakery create “Home Sweet Home” cupcakes with your family name on them for a sweet ending we found these on The Cupcake Blog.
    7. Tours! 
      • Remember, your guests are there to see your new home. Plan for tours of your beautiful new home. You may want to assign a friend or family member to conduct the tours allowing you to focus on hosting your event. Offer tours to your guests. Consider leaving cue cards in each area to explain why the interior details and decor in each room were created.
    8. Party Favors for Guests:
      • To cap off the ultimate housewarming party, provide your guests with a party favor as they depart. party bags that look a bit like moving boxes is an idea. Fill them with candy and a thank you note. Place them on a table with a Thank you card letting them know to take one as they leave.

We hope your Ultimate Housewarming Party is for a new home built by Devonshire Custom Homes. If you are at the beginning of your custom home building project, let’s begin with the end in mind. Contact us with the handy button below and let’s talk about your dream custom home.