choosing interior paint colors

Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors for Your New Custom Home

For some people choosing interior paint colors for their custom home is a simple task. But for others, this can be a scary proposition. What if you don’t like the colors once they are on the wall?

Looking at the array of paint chips can be overwhelming. Before you meet with your custom home builder, here are some tips for choosing the right wall colors for your home. 

  1. Look at your wardrobe.The colors you like to wear is a big clue to your color preferences. The colors you’re drawn to will likely be comfortable as a palette choice for your interior walls. 
  1. Think about your wall hangings, artwork, and furniture and flooring.What colors are prevalent in these items? It may be that you chose these pieces for reasons other than color, but what interior wall colors will they compliment? 
  1. Pull the paint color from a print.Do you have a favorite pillow, upholstered chair, or table linen? Consider the shades that might work well on your wall.
  1. Use a color wheel.See how colors relate to each other. A color wheel gives insight into the hues that work harmoniously together. You might like a monochromatic color scheme, with variations of a particular color (lightness and saturation).

complementarycolor scheme uses colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, usually a warm and a cool one (yellow and blue, for example).

An analogouscolor scheme combines colors that are next to each other, like blue and green, or orange and red, and varying shades of those colors.

  1. Decide on the mood you want to create for each room. Lively, and invigorating?  Cozy and intimate? These might be best expressed with reds, oranges, yellows, and beige. Serene? You might consider blues, greens, violets or grays. 
  1. Think holistically. Your house is a sum of its parts, which includes your wall colors. Make sure you have smooth flow from room to room. This is where organizing a whole-house color palette will help.

If this is overwhelming, don’t worry. At Devonshire Custom Homes, we will work with you to make sure the pieces that you want to include from your existing home are incorporated into your interior décor creating an inviting and comfortable space to match your personality.

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