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8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Custom Home Builder

Hiring a Custom Home Builder

So you’re ready to build your dream home, and you have lots of ideas about what the perfect home would look like for you. Congratulations on this important first step.

Now comes the tough part. Unless you have a vast understanding of building codes and ordinances, you are going to need some help from a custom home builder. Making a good choice will be vital to having a smooth building process for your new home, because you builder is going to manage the most critical parts of this process for you. You custom home builder will be handling things like working with your bank or mortgage company on your behalf, obtaining your certificate of occupancy, working with the building inspector, local jurisdictions and the like. The builder will coordinate ordering. approving and installing the building products for your dream home and will review everything prior to completion to make sure any issues are resolved before closing on your home

You going to want an experienced builder you can count on, who knows the ins and outs of building in the neighborhood where you have decided you want to build. The builder should have thorough knowledge of all aspects of home building and you should expect them to provide insights and advise to make the right choices for your home to meet your lifestyle and vision.

So here are eight things to consider when hiring a custom home builder.

The 8 Things to Consider When Hiring A Custom Home Builder

  1. Does the builder have a good reputation with local banks and suppliers?
  2. How long has the builder been in business?
  3. What is the builder’s experience in the construction industry
  4. What credentials does the builder hold?
  5. How does the builder select subcontractors?
  6. Does the builder have favorable references from Custom Home Builder clients?
  7. Does the builder have experience in the neighborhood where you plan to build?
  8. Can you view previous work from the builder?

If you get favorable answers to these questions, you are on the right track to hiring a custom home builder you can count on to make your project the rich, smooth experience you are seeking.

If you are considering Devonshire Custom Homes as your builder (and we hope you are), please take a look at our custom homes gallery to see the level of our work. You man also be interested in our Gallery of Rooms to compare styles for different rooms in homes we have built.

You can get some of our answers to the question above in our builder questions page, but we welcome you to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to ask any questions you wish and to learn more about our process and the unique things we bring to custom home building. Just use the handy button below to request a consultation and we’ll set one up for you.