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Do You Need an Interior Designer for Your Custom Home Build?


A custom home build is one of the most exciting things you will undertake, but it comes with a number of decisions that you may never have encountered before. So to keep the stress out of this incredible experience, at Devonshire Custom Homes we incorporate a professional interior designer into our building process at the onset.

Interior Designer Impact on Your Custom Home Building Project


There’s a common misconception that interior designers are too expensive and that they increase the cost of your new custom home.  But, in reality, a good designer can help not only save money, but reduce headaches down the road as well.  The designer is imagining artwork on the walls, furniture in place, lamps where they should be, and how it all fits the personality of the customer.  It is so helpful to have a designer involved in the process at the very beginning of building a new house to help define the actual house plans so that spaces are defined to accommodate the vision for your new home.

Lisa LambWe partner with Lisa Lamb Interiors to provide our clients with timeless designs that meet our customer’s personality. We find that having clients meet with Lisa early in the building process to determine actual house plans makes this process less stressful and ensures a home that designed so that “the space reflects the client’s personality.”

Lisa Lamb, professional interior designer, and owner of Lisa Lamb Interiors says. “design is about trust. You have to trust design to guide you. You have to get to know the client. The space must reflect their personality.”

Coupled with her natural, engaging warmth and personality, Lisa’s unique educational background is why five minutes into your first meeting with her you’ll trust that she can blend your sense of style into a timeless, classic interior design for your new custom home that tells your unique story in a visually compelling way. And that’s why she is the ideal interior design partner for Devonshire Custom Homes.

You can learn more about Lisa, her unique educational background., and where she gets her design inspirations in our feature post  MEET LISA LAMB. TIMELESS DESIGN THAT TELLS A STORY.

If you are in need of a custom home builder in the Tampa Bay area we would love to sit down with you and discuss how we can help you create your dream home. We welcome you to request a consultation or call 813-831-1984. We look forward to hearing from you.