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Qualities of Good Custom Home Builder

Important Qualities For Selecting a Good Custom Home Builder

What qualities are important for selecting a good custom home builder?

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a builder to help you realize your dream home. Finding the right home builder for your personality will make all the difference in a smooth home building experience. Here are our thoughts on qualities you should look for from a top luxury home builder:

  1.  A Builder that Fits Your Personality – You are about to enter into a long-term process to build your dream home. You’ll want a customer-friendly builder that can help you make personal decisions along the way. So, before you start selecting a builder, consider your own personality and the kind of personalities with which you typically work well. Spend some time working out a wish list and must-have list for your new home. With these things in mind, meet with builders and share your lists. Evaluate the personality fit as you discuss your building project vision. Ask if you will receive their construction staff cell phone numbers and may contact them directly when you have any questions or concerns.
  2. A Collaborative Building Process – Building your dream home should be one of the most exciting things you will ever do. Ask the builder to share with you their building process. It should be simple to understand and clear that they will help guide you through the process together.
  3. A Portfolio Similar to Your Vision – Make sure that the builder has experience building in the architectural style that you have in mind. If you are not sure about the architectural style, look at a builder’s portfolio to see if they have examples of multiple architectural styles that appeal to you.
  4. Experience Building in the Neighborhood Where You Want to Build – A custom home builder that knows the neighborhood and has permitting experience building homes in the municipality where you wish to build is very important to achieving your dream home with a minimum of stress. It will be important to know the neighborhoods where they build.
  5. Can help you locate a lot if you haven’t selected one – Lot selection, especially in areas you have your heart set on may require some assistance. A good builder will have access to lots in desirable neighborhoods and will provide information about neighborhoods to help you in selecting the right lot for you.
  6. Has a Reputation for Quality – Top custom home builders only work with subcontractors accustomed to doing custom work. They make sure all are insured and have proven track records. Most quality custom home builders will provide a list of their preferred trade partners for your convenience.
  7. Has Strong References from Past Home Buyers – No matter how well your interview with the builder went, checking their references from former customers can help provide important information that can guide your decision. A good home builder should have no problem providing you with references from previous customers.

Find the right builder for your dream home project. Selecting a good custom home builder may be stressful, but finding the builder with the right qualities for you will make your home building project go smoothly.

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