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8 Things to Consider Before You Buy A Custom Home

Are you looking longingly at magazines and websites of custom homes and dreaming about what you would want in a new home?

Building the home of your dreams can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but before you start clipping style ideas and writing down all the things must have’s for a new custom home, here are a few questions you should consider before you buy a custom home:

  1. Will you have the time and patience? If you are in a rush to build a new home, a custom home may not be the right choice for you.
  2. Do you have enough financing? have you considered key factors in financing a new luxury home? Do you have a budget that will cover unforeseen circumstances that may affect building materials or additional features you may decide you want during the construction process?
  3. Do you know you will be staying in this new neighborhood? If you are stable in the area, with no unforeseen moves, building a dream custom home for your family will reward you for years.
  4.  Are you ready for the inconvenience of moving ? Are you prepared to decide what makes the move and what doesn’t? Have you considered all the stuff that you have collected over the years? What will fit the style of your new custom home? What will you do with the things that don’t fit?
  5.  Will you be able to keep friends and relationships? Those friends and relationships you have acquired in your current neighborhood took some time to build. Will you be able to maintain them? How important is this to your move?
  6. Have you looked into the makeup of new neighborhoods? Have you considered neighborhoods and what they will be like or how they might compare to your current neighborhood?
  7. Do you have a location where you want to build? Have you considered all of the costs in this area? Will you need help in determining permitting, power and sewage, and any difficulties with excavation? Will you finance the land or pay cash for it.
  8. Are you ready to choose a builder? Have you considered your options and the questions you will want to ask a builder?


So, have you really weighed the pros and cons of building a new custom home?

If you have considered all of these questions and the benefits of your a new custom home outweigh any options or concerns regarding the above, its time to start working on those must have’s in the build your dream custom home!