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When the Office is Right at Home

Work/ life balance is evolving, and today sometimes its best when the office is right at home.

Home offices have become commonplace. According to a Forbes study, one in five Americans work from home, a number that continues to rise. Work from home technology has made the home efficient and convenient.

Custom home builders can design an office space that is tailored to your specific needs. To do this right, homeowners need to carefully consider how they like to work and how the space being designed will be used.

New Bayshore Beautiful Contemporary - home office open

Given the computing mobility of wireless internet, a work from home environment may involve more than just the home office. The outdoor living area, kitchen breakfast area or even the master bed room may at times be the place to settle in, but the home office still needs to be the hub of this activity.

For example, regardless of where work is created, a printer and file cabinet storage are still a necessity. For projects requiring the ability to spread out may require an office desktop that provided the room to do so. Bookshelves for resource materials  and room for a small conference area may be necessary depending on your line of work.

And if you’re work requires peace and quiet, or privacy, an custom home office can be designed to be both attractive and functional with doors like this office built by Devonshire Custom Homes.

By considering these needs in conjunction with a custom home builder, you can create the exact custom home office that you need that will allow you to enjoy the work / life balance you desire.

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