Valentines Day at Home

This Valentines Day, The Best Place to Go Just Might Be…Home.

Are you thinking about what to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

What are you and your special someone thinking of doing this year for Valentine’s Day? Sure, you could do dinner and a movie, but with the fixed menu’s, crowded restaurants, and rushing to make the movie time, you may come away feeling like Valentine’s Day was less special and more rushed than anything.

Why not do something different this year and celebrate the holiday at your favorite place…home!

A Valentine’s Date Night in Your Home? Sure! Your Custom Home Has Everything You Need!

  1. Cook an elegant dinner in your luxury kitchen. Make something you’ve never made before and do it together or hire a personal chef. Pour a couple glasses of wine, talk, laugh, and have fun together.
  2. Transform your great room into a luxurious, romantic getaway. Take out an air mattress and layer it with your most comfortable pillows and blankets. Rent some romantic classics like CasablancaRoman Holiday, and It Happened One Night. And, of course, popcorn, chocolate, and wine is a must!
  3. Reminisce over old memories. Pull out your old photo albums. A romantic date night is the perfect setting to reminisce over those old photos. Celebrate the time you’ve had together and the experiences you’ve shared.
  4. Create a relaxing, romantic spa night. Make use of your luxury tub. Fill the tub with bubble bath, add some candles and pour the champagne. Maybe give each other massages! You can’t ask for a better evening than that.

No matter what you choose to do for Valentine’s Day this year, take the time to share it with those you love most, have fun together, and use it as a reminder to be thankful for all the love you have in your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Best wishes from all of us at Devonshire Custom Homes.