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Staging your home for a quick sale

Tips to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

How do you stage your home for a quick sale while building your new custom home?

Staging your home the right way will help you get the most for your existing home and sell faster. In fact, 29% of sellers’ agents said the sales price for staged homes was between 1% and 5% higher than unstaged homes. What’s more, 39% of sellers’ agents reported that staging a home reduces days on the market. Staging is about arranging your home furnishings and decor to make the house look it’s absolute best and allows buyers to image themselves living in the home (77% of Realtors say its easier for people to visualize a staged home as their own*).

There are a number of things you will want to do to increase buyer appeal. You may want to enlist the help of a professional, but you don’ t necessarily need one. With that in mind, here are some home staging tips that will help you stage our home for a quick sale:

  1. Get Rid of Clutter and Remove Any Trash: This is at the top of the list for a reason. It is essential that your home be clean and empty as possible to make it look bigger and appealing. Do a deep cleaning, making the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle. Prior to showings, open the windows to air out the house.  Make sure your closets are not overflowing with belongings. You may want to move some items elsewhere to decrease clutter.
  2. Remove All Personal Items: Remove things that are personal to you that will make it harder for a prospective buyer to see themselves and their family in your home.
  3. Stage the Most Important Rooms First: Studies say the great room or living room is the most important room to stage, followed by the master bedroom and then the kitchen. Outdoor living areas and extra bedrooms would be next. Highlight the room’s best features.
    • Features like a fireplace should be the focus of the living room. Include ample seating. Make sure the room is warm and inviting.
    • Make the master bed using a white duvet. White bedding provides a peaceful ambiance you want for your master bedroom. Make sure this room feels cozy and relaxing.
    • Keep the kitchen spotless. Change the cabinet hardware to give it a fresh new look. Clear countertops of appliances for showings. Organize everything. Face mugs all the same way. Keep the kitchen well lit for showings.
    • Keep the bathrooms sparkling clean, updated and feel like a spa. Make sure all toilet seats are down during showings. Use white towels in bathrooms to make it feel like a luxury hotel. Again, remove any personal items. Add some plants for greenery.
  4.  Aspire for a Bright, Natural Light Look: Buyers like bright rooms, so lighting is essential to showing your home effectively. Let in as much natural light as possible by opening curtains and shades. Adjust the color temperature of lighting by checking your lightbulbs as well. The whiter the light, the more it will look like daylight.
  5. Decorate in Neutral Colors and Style: Staging your home is about de-personalization. So in addition to removing personal items like family images, choose artwork and decor that will allow prospective buyers to see themselves in your home.
    • Avoid artwork of a religious or political nature (Landscapes or flowers are good options).
    • Use art that is sized so that the room does not look crowded. Tip – Art hanging over a fireplace should be the size of the fireplace opening. Art that will hang over furniture should be 75% of the furniture space.
    • Throw pillows can be transformative. Add them to the couch, chair or bed for dramatic effect.
    • Choose a warm, neutral tone for accent pieces.
  6. Paint in Neutral Colors: If you are going to paint, opt for neutral colors. Avoid gender-specific colors for bedrooms. To create a bright, light feel, paint bathrooms in cream, white or light grey colors.
  7. Eliminate Pet Concerns: If you have pets, get all rugs and carpets steam cleaned. Be sure pet toys and evidence of your pet are all out of view during showings.
  8. Boost Curb Appeal: Know that many prospective buyers may do a drive-by before deciding on touring your home at all. Make sure your home’s curb appeal is inviting.
    • Powerwash your home exterior and walways.
    • Be sure address numbers are easy to find and read
    • Plant blooming flowers and greenery
    • Mow the lawn and add new sod if needed
    • Wash your windows
    • Repaint or stain the front porch if needed.
    • Have an inviting “welcome: doormat
    • Keep porch lights on in the evening and have simple porch furniture with potted plants in bloom

We hope these tips get you started! You want you home to tell a story when your buyers are walking through. Using these 8 tips will help you feature your home’s best attributes guiding the buyer to see what you want to show off.

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