Sell Your Property

25 Ideas to Sell Your Property Fast While Building Your Custom Home

So your ready to build your dream custom home, but you need to sell your property first. This is a common dilemma for prospective custom home buyers. We understand the stress that comes with this uncertainty.

The key to solving the challenge relies on one thing: your ability to find a buyerIf you’ve been trying to sell your property and you’re feeling stuck, we have put together the following  list of ideas to help you speed this process.

25 Ideas to Sell Your Property Fast

  1. Price it right from the start. Don’t start high and then lower it later to sell. Price it to sell.
  2. Improve curb appeal. Don’t give lip service to this. Improve home exterior, tidy up the lawn with new sod. Trim hedges, plant flowers, paint the door and maybe replace the mailbox. Curb appeal is everything. It sets expectations for the rest of your home.
  3. Depersonalize your home. There is nothing more uncomfortable for prospective buyers than trying to visualize a home as their own when it feels like someone else’s home.
  4. Get a Storage Unit. Once you do, clean and remove clutter. Simplify and neutralize your home as if it were a model home, because it is in fact exactly that while it’s on the market.
  5. Update the interior. Fix those nagging things even you notice. Fresh paint and new fixtures can make a world of difference.
  6. Improve the lighting. Brighten up with the highest wattage light bulb for each fixture. Open blinds and turn on lights for showings.
  7. Paint your ceilings white, especially in dark rooms, to reflect more light.
  8. Stage your home. Set up all of the rooms to show prospective buyers how they could use the rooms. Even if its not how you used them.
  9. Remove your pets and pet paraphernalia (or at least hide them so it is not apparent you have a pet). Of course they are beloved. But you prospective buyer may not be a pet lover.
  10. Hire a Professional photographer. Many buyers begin their search online. If they have a realtor he/she will undoubtedly show listings with photos to narrow the list of showings to request. High quality photography will put your home in a much better light that snapshots.
  11. Make the home easy to show. Be flexible about visits. Have your home in a state that you can accept visitors with short notice, even if it is an inconvenience – because its going to be a request anyway. Count on it.
  12. Be listed on all major line portals. If you are using an agent, this should be part of their service, but check that your listing is on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and as well as the Realtor’s company and personal Facebook business pages.
  13. Promote your home yourself. Yes, if you have a Realtor this is their job, but don’t leave all the marketing to your agent. Use your personal social media accounts and send the listing to family, friends, associates and even your home owners association publication or email list.
  14. Share information about your neighborhood. Include nearby dining, recreation, shopping information and photos in your listings.
  15. Create a short video showcasing your property. Post it on YouTube and Facebook. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, this digital marketing company can help.

Following these tips will help you sell your property faster. You’ll have an advantage on the local competition, and will attract more buyers, faster, for the right price.