Old Northeast is a community of homes that were built in the first half of the last century. It was the first established neighborhood within the city of St. Petersburg and is a true “urban neighborhood.”


The St. Petersburg Times gave their opinion of the neighborhood in an article they wrote in 2001:”If the heart of St. Petersburg is its downtown, the city’s soul probably resides in the North Shore area. It was there, in the section now called Old Northeast, that St. Petersburg blossomed from a village of farmers’ homesteads to a town of boom-time prosperity. It thrives still, having the oldest and perhaps most influential neighborhood association in the city. Real estate values, even in some of the lower-income pockets, continue to rise. Most of St. Petersburg’s movers and shakers have lived at one time or the other in a North Shore neighborhood.”


The New York Times shared a story on the rise among families from the northeast relocating to St. Petersburg in this article about the Old Northeast Neighborhood  that continues to this day.


History of the Old Northeast Neighborhood

You can learn more about the history of this beautiful neighborhood at the Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood Association website.


The city of St. Petersburg has deemed the Old Northeast neighborhood an architecturally controlled area. Any designs for new homes or additions must go through the architectural design review the city applies.


There are still opportunities to build here and Devonshire Custom Homes is very familiar with the area and the codes and regulations that the city applies.

Old Northeast sign