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Master Bathrooms by Devonshire Custom Homes

Make Your Master Bathroom a Master Suite Retreat

Designing your custom home master bathroom is about creating a place of peace and solitude. A master suite retreat that evokes your intended feeling: serene, restful, restorative, and for some a home version of a luxury spa.

The master bathroom / suite and kitchen are the most important rooms in your home if you think you make sell at some time in the future.

Make you master bathroom a place where aesthetics and comfort combine to provide a rich, luxurious haven for restful, restorative self pampering. A restful palette of color, elegant light fixtures combined with natural light and complimentary stone and tile coupled with his and hers vanity selections and the ideal tub and shower will create your own special paradise.

Here are some options for creating your own special master suite retreat with a luxurious master bathroom:

Master Bathroom Tub Considerations

Snell Isle freestanding bathtub from Devonshire Custom Homes

What immediately grabs your attention in a master bathroom is the design and orientation of the tub. Considerations here are a deep Roman tub or increasing a freestanding soaking tub. Roman tubs come in a variety of sizes. Consider how you will use your tub. Large roman tubs look fantastic, but if you are one who enjoys soaking in a tub, a smaller tub may be a better choice so you don’t slide down in it. You may also want to consider a free-standing soaking tub instead. A free-standing tub is a simple, beautiful piece of furniture. No platform, no steps. The trend is sculptural and beautiful.

Another consideration is a jetted tub. If you prefer the therapeutic benefits of a jetted tub, this may be for you. For a bit more, you can add this option to a Roman tub. There are a wide variety of faucets and tub filler spouts to consider, including ones that fill your Roman tub from the ceiling. You can also add an in-line heater system to your tub.

A stunning special feature you might consider is a soothing waterfall while soaking in your Roman tub. This can be accomplished by adding a fountain wall with soft accent lighting and stone mosaic. Image the soothing ambiance of soaking in this Roman tub!

Shower Considerations

A common master bathroom feature in custom homes is a walk-in shower. These may come with full body sprays and/or dual shower heads. A handheld shower spayer is a conveniece many homeowners select. If you are a spa regular and enjoy a sauna, you may want to consider a steam shower. Relatively inexpensive, a steam shower is great for muscle relaxation and unwinding after a long day. Designing your master bathroom with a steam shower will require a steam compressor the is properly sized for your shower space and ceiling design that slopes in tow directions so as not to have hot steam collect and drip.

Walk-in showers are a common feature in custom homes. Often called sport showers, they’re popular because there aren’t glass enclosures to clean and maintain. Another upgrade homeowners often request is a shower with full body sprays. Be certain to talk with your builder about having adequate water pressure for this feature. Dual shower heads add another pleasing touch to a master bath, making it possible for two people to shower at once. Also, a handheld sprayer is convenient for rinsing.

Bench seating in the shower is a recent must-have trend in custom master bathroom designs and should be placed near the handheld sprayer.

Stone and Tile Considerations

The master bathroom decor and ambiance is defined to a large degree by the stone and tile work. This is the place to make your master bathroom positively pop. Don’t scrimp here, this is a place to go all out while creating your master bathroom oasis.

His and Hers Vanities

His and  hers vanities provide for individual space in a master bathroom. Each can arrange and use their vanity as they see fit. Functional layout is important here. Typically, she will need more space and electrical outlets than he will.

In addition to functionality, this is where style can really play a part in the creation of the elegance of your master bathroom. This is another place to go all out. The hardware that you select can dramatically change the look and experience of your master bath. Consider sensor activated faucets here.

Devonshire Bathroom & Showers

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