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Designing your new luxury home

Inspiration Resources for Designing Your New Luxury Home

So you have decided you are going to build a new home and of course you want it to be everything you have ever dreamed of, but where do you begin designing your new luxury home?

You probably have a wish list of some things you have always wanted, but how do you go about building a vision for your entire new home? It can be a challenge to come up with and organizing your ideas before you meet with a builder. Whether you have a knack for design or you have no idea where to start, this blog post is designed to help.

Inspiration Resources for Designing Your New Luxury Home

We’ve come up with a list of great resources to use when developing the vision for your new custom home:


Houzz is a great resource for finding design ideas. Houzz is set up to showcase specific rooms with photos and products, making it easy to find ideas for what your new home’s plan. You can use filters on each page to narrow your search based on style, budget, price and material. You’ll find “ideabooks” on Houzz that are a good place to start, and once you have images of ideas you like, you can create your own ideabook to save these images all in one place for easy reference.

If you are interested in our work at Devonshire Custom Homes, you can see some of luxury homes in our Devonshire Custom Homes Houzz page. And when you are ready to talk with a builder, feel free to show us your Houzz ideabook.


Pinterest is another ideal resource for inspiration for your new luxury home. If you’re new to Pinterest, start by creating a board and titling it “My Custom Dream Home” then begin browsing the Home Décor category to see if anything catches your eye. Whether you have a knock for design or you are just looking for inspiration, you won’t have a problem finding it on Pinterest.

Next start searching for those things that you have always wanted that you know will be important to you and your family in your new luxury home. Search for things like “breakfast nook” or “light kitchen cabinets”. When you find something you like, pin it to your New Luxury Home board. With Pinterest it is easy to find design inspiration and organize those ideas for your dream home plan.

You may also like to visit our Devonshire Custom Home Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Open Houses

After you have done your online work with Houzz and Pinterest, look for open houses in the area where you are thinking of building your new custom home. It’s a little tougher to organize, but using a smart phone camera and a note pad, you can find inspiration for you new luxury home that you can touch and feel. Being able to see what you like and don’t like during these Open House visits can be invaluable in helping to select products and materials for your new home building project.

Devonshire Custom Homes

With more than 100 years of custom home building experience in our team, we are an excellent resource for helping you develop the vision for your new luxury home. As part of our custom home building process we have you sit down with our designer to determine actual house plans. We’ll help you come up with a plan that fits your personality and provides features that meets the wish list for you and your family. Together we’ll help develop design concepts utilizing pieces and design matching family, personal experiences and travels to tell a story, making the design “more visually interesting.”

Designing your new luxury custom home is an exciting and at times overwhelming experience that take a lot of planning and organization. With the above resources and our design team’s expertise, your new home building project design inspiration and organization will be a smooth and enjoyable experience.