Helpful Tips for Selling Your Home While Preparing for Your New Custom Home

So you’ve decided you’re ready to build your dream custom home. Just one hang-up, you need to sell your current home while you are preparing to build your new custom home.

You probably know that putting a home up for sale requires some work, but here are some tips to make your home stand out with a few easy improvements that will hasten the sale.

  1. Check out your curb appealImagine home buyers driving up to your house. Take a moment in their shoes and consider what they will see. This should give you an idea what you may need to spruce up. Trim down bushes, weed flowerbeds and put down new mulch. Plant some flowers and be sure the yard is well manicured..
  2. Make the front door inviting. A fresh coat of paint, especially in a color that contrasts with the home, will make the front door stand out. Replace faded house numbers so buyers can see them from the curb. Buy a new welcome mat to let buyers know they are invited into your home.
  3.  Remove clutter and depersonalize.Buyers will be thinking about how their belongings fit in your home. Organize your pantry, clean shelves, remove clutter from closets and floors. Clutter will make rooms seem smaller and your home less attractive. Clean up by renting a storage unit for knickknacks, photos, extra furniture and other personal items.
  4. Take color down a notch.You might like your lime-green bedroom, but it may sour buyers. Paint your walls a neutral color that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.
  5. Make your bathrooms spotlessClean counters, mirrors, bathtubs, showers and toilet bowls. Be sure to have fresh towels. Spotless bathrooms make your home feel fresh. Image the opposite impact if your bathrooms have kids toys, towels on the floor, etc.
  6. Eliminate bad odors.Hide the litter box and spray air neutralizer throughout your home. When showing the home, fill it with inviting smells by putting out fresh flowers and a batch freshly baked of cookies.

Now you are ready to show your home and focus on preparing for your new custom home. But that is for another post.