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Master Bedroom Closet ideas

Great Master Bedroom Closet Ideas

Who doesn’t love the idea of a great master bedroom closet? The beauty of building a custom home is you get to build exactly what you always wanted – and master bedroom closets are no exception!

It’s the space where you start each day. Its where you get ready for work, for play, for the going out. So its ideal if your master closet is designed to help keep your day organized for you.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your new master closet:

Must Have Shelves and Drawers

Remember that there are many things that cannot be hung in your closet. Be sure to plan for adequate shevles and drawers. Sheves of different height and at different levels will help to organize items. Shelves designed specifically for your shoes are a great idea. Baskets on lower shelves for random items is great for those “where do I put this items.”

Install a Bench

Since the closet is where you likely select your outfit for the day, plan with this in mind. If your master bedroom closet space will provide, build in a bench. Consider if you will install a permanent mirror or it you will use a desktop mirror for getting ready.

A Place for Accessories

Getting ready involves more than just clothers. What about your accessories? Be sure to plan for storage to access the accessories that will want to help complete an outfit close to your mirror.

Room for Storage

In addition to using you closet for getting ready for the events of your day, there are other closet needs in your home. For instance, where do you put things that don’t necessarily have a near term use, but you want easy access to when you need them. Make room for storage for these items in your master closet design if you don’t have enough closet space elsewhere in the home design.

A Look at Some of Our Master Bedroom Closet Work

We love designing master closets! Here is look at some of our work.

What do you think of our closet designs?

Planning your dream closet in your new custom home vision? Talk to us. We’d love to help you realize your vision with the perfect master closet for you. To set up a free consultation with our team, just use the handy button below.