Get Acquainted Neighborhood BBQ

How to Get Acquainted with Your New Neighborhood


So you are all moved into your beautiful new custom home. Now, how to you get acquainted with your new neighbors? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Make it Easy for Your New Neighbors

Certainly the neighborhood noticed that you’ve just moved in. After all, its hard to miss the moving trucks and new faces in the neighborhood.

So first of all, now is the time to be as approachable as possible. Smile when you see a neighbor while retrieving the mail. Say hello when you see them out in the yard, and let them know that you’re open to the idea of meeting them. Work in the yard and say hello to curious neighbors in the house next door and take a minute and at least exchange names. That’s a start.

Be the First to Say Hello

Wait for someone in your new neighborhood to reach out to you might leave you disappointed. Not everyone is comfortable reaching out to new neighbors and they might feel like they are intruding. So take that step and be the first one to say, “Hello!”

If your neighbor is out doing yard work or washing the car, introduce yourself. If you take the initiative, you could spark a friendship.

Go Where the Locals Go

Find out what’s popular on Friday night and on the weekends in your area. Seek our community events, and be sure to attend. Find out where the locals go to see and be seen.

Accept Invitations 

If you neighbors offer an invitation, by all means say yes. Even if its not an invitation that you would ordinarily like, a barbecue, softball game or even a drink is an opportunity to get acquainted. If for some reason you can’t because you have another obligation, offer up a rain check invitation. That way the neighbor won’t think that they are being put off.

Host a Meet and Greet

If you are the type to host a get together, plan a meet-and-greet open house or cookout at your home.  Make up some invitations and distribute them through the neighborhood, or invite the people you’ve met and let them know that it’s OK to bring a friend.

Get Active in the Community

Look for information about community events and organizations. Most communities have plenty of opportunities to get involved. Volunteer to help our community organization. If you have trouble finding community information, check with the local chamber of commerce or home owners association. They’ll have information about organizations in your area, some of which might be clubs that you’d like to join.

Start Networking

You don’t have to limit your activity only in the community. As you get acquainted with new friends,  they will have friends. Through them, your new acquaintances can grow.

Relax. All in Good Time.

Of course, getting acquainted with your new neighborhood will take time, and you shouldn’t expect all of your neighbors to become your friends. Just be friendly and approachable, and take opportunities where they arise. Soon enough, you’ll be one of the locals.