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Snell Isle freestanding bathtub from Devonshire Custom Homes

Freestanding Bathtub – Revving Up the Master Bathroom Style Quotient

Bringing along with it an aura of luxury, elegance and affluence, the freestanding bathtub is revving up the style quotient of master bathrooms!

For years the master bath tub was front and center in virtually every bathroom design. Typically raised up on a platform, the master bath tub traditionally is surrounded by marble or tile and often features a Jacuzzi. But that is changing. Over the last few years, clients are asking for something else.

A free standing tub that is a simple, beautiful piece of furniture. No platform, no steps. The trend is sculptural and beautiful. Tubs are thought of as soaking tubs, complimented by larger custom showers that might include body sprays, steam showers, rain bars, etc.

What is driving this freestanding bathtub trend?

There appear to be three main reasons behind this trend:

1. Graying Baby boomers. As the largest generation gets older, many of them are deciding that climbing in and out of the tub is cumbersome and showers are much easier. As a result, this is also leading to fewer tub/shower combinations installed in secondary bathrooms, as people are opting more for showers. Some people are also asking for wheelchair accessible showers, which just means that they are large enough to fit a wheelchair and feature a shower pan, or floor, with roll-in access.

2. Realization that giant tubs are used infrequently. Busy lifestyles mean less chance to soak in the tub. Instead, a luxury shower allows similar relaxation benefits in less time. New shower technology means that the effect of a whirlpool can be substituted by using body sprays and rain heads.

3. Large tubs limit design space for the bathroom. Many are choosing to forgo the tub and have more counter space or a larger custom shower. Privacy for the water closet can also take precedence in the master bathroom. There is even a resurgence of the bidet in some bathrooms.

Will this trend last? Busy lifestyles are here to stay. More and more, our lives are focused on speed and convenience. For families without young children who need a tub for washing babies, the trend is a better fit for their lifestyles. There is the matter of resell at a later date, but planning during your build can allow for where a standard tub might be added later if necessary.

Right now, buyers are looking for large, luxurious showers, sometimes with dual heads, larger counters and mirrors. with a smaller and free-standing rather than built-in tub to allow for more space.

Most likely, large showers will remain popular, while tubs will remain a more personal choice.  The key for designing and building a custom home is to consider your own situation and plan for your lifestyle. As with any custom home build, each situation is personal, and a home should match the personality of the homeowner. Only then will the home feel comfortable and perfectly-suited to its owners.

At Devonshire Custom Homes, we focus on the personal needs of the family and then co-create the solutions with them in their home design. That way, the home truly suits their needs rather than following a trend, which may change at a later date.

Interested in talking more about freestanding tubs? Planning for a new custom home project? We welcome the opportunity to help you understand trends and your options. If you would like to set up a consultation with our team, use the handy button below to request and appointment.