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Eight Reasons Building a New Custom Home Provides More Value

There are many reasons people choose to build a custom home, but here are eight reasons building a new custom home provides more value that buying an existing home.

  1. You Get Everything You Want – Building your new luxury home means you can design the space to provide everything on your wish list – budget providing.
    • An existing home purchase, no matter how nice, nearly always means you have to compromise on something you want, but the home does not have.
  2. You Choose the Location – Just as in reason one, building a new custom home on the lot of your choice in the neighborhood you select means you don’t have to compromise like you might between existing home choices.
  3. Modern Conveniences – A new home build means you can design the home to have any modern convenience you desire.
    • Security systems, home automation systems, modern kitchen and bath appliances and fixtures, rooms designed for your hobbies – you name it. An existing home may not so easily accommodate your vision for these sort of things.
  4. Energy Inefficiencies – Older homes simply were not built to deliver the energy inefficiencies of today’s new construction.
    • Even a home built in the last 5 years might not match up to a new fie-star efficiency home.
  5. Safety Measures – A new home build means the home will be equipped with the latest in safety measures to protect your family.
    • Safety glass, electric circuit breakers, hard-wired smoke detectors, modern security system, etc. might not be available in an existing home purchase.
  6. Lower Maintenance Costs – Everything in a home build is going to be brand new.
    • New appliances, plumbing, wiring, fixtures – your maintenance costs are going to almost none. An older, existing home almost certainly comes with repair costs and high maintenance.
  7. New Construction Home Warranty – A new build comes with warranties protecting you from replacements or repairs to big ticket items like HVAC, roof, etc.
  8. No Hidden Surprises – Your new home, built to your specifications and vision comes with no surprises. You know exactly what you are building, and what is in the home.
    • Although while purchasing an existing home, the seller is obligated to tell you about things like mold remediation, etc. you never know if there are hidden issues unknown to the buyer that may affect you and your family’s health. No such surprises when you build a new home.

The list of things that bring more value to you new home build than purchasing an existing home doesn’t end with the eight above. There are a multitude of reasons a new luxury home build brings greater value. If you’d like to talk to us about you interest in a new luxury home, just click the handy button below and schedule an appointment with our team at Devonshire Custom Homes.