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Do I Need to Have a Custom Home Design Plan In Mind Before I Meet a New Home Builder?

Should I Have a Custom Home Design in Mind Before I Meet a New Home Builder?

This is a common question among may custom home buyers. Our approach as a Tampa luxury new home builder addresses this head on. Our goal with every new luxury home we build is to meet the personality of the custom home buyer with a design that fits their dream wish list within the framework of the lot they have selected and their budget.

To that end, we believe there are some important considerations that you will want to have determined before meeting with a prospective new home builder:

  1. Location – Have you selected a neighborhood where you want to live?
    • If not, we can help. Visit the neighborhoods where we build for information on some of the finest neighborhoods in Tampa Bay.
    • In our blog under the category Neighborhood Guide you will find a series of neighborhood guide blog posts that may help as well.
  2. Lot Selection – Do you own a lot already, or are you looking for an available lot?
    • We often have lots that we have purchased in some of Tampa Bay’s finest neighborhoods. If you are looking, visit our available lots section of our website.
  3. Commute – Have you considered what commute you will have to work? Is traffic to work an important consideration?
  4. Schools – Have you looked into the school options in the area you are considering for your new home build?
    • We have provided a handy button for school information in the neighborhoods where we build section of our website to help with this research.
  5. Custom Home Financing – Have you worked with a lender to determine your funding for your dream home?
    • If you need assistance in this area, we have some recommendations for excellent custom home building lenders.
  6. Your Home Requirements – For your dream home to be all that you want it to be, you should identify what is required to meet your family needs.
    • What do you need in your dream kitchen? Will you be entertaining? Do you need an outdoor living space that includes an outdoor kitchen?
    • Are there special room requirements such as a library or maybe space for an organic garden? You and your family should map out the requirements for your dream home.
    • A builder will help with addressing space requirements and budget to realize these desires, but having them mapped out will make for a more comfortable process.

So the answer to the question, “Do I need to Have a Custom Home Design in Mind Before I Meet a New Home Builder?” is a qualified no. The builder will help you craft a plan that meets you needs. If you prepare with the 6 items above in mind and come having those worked out, you will be ready for a productive meeting with your prospective new home builder.

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