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Custom Luxury Home Building. How to Get It Right.

When you are building a custom luxury home, you want it to be exactly what you envisioned. You want to get it right. That’s why many luxury homeowners choose to custom build their dream home, rather than buy an existing property.

If you are going to spend a large amount of money decorating or furnishing a luxury home and plan to live in it forever, or at least for a long time, you want it to fit your vision perfectly, something that you likely cannot do with an existing luxury home.

Consider these factors when using a custom luxury home builder:


  1. Choosing the Right Site and Builder

When you build a luxury home location is key. Even though it is custom-built, remember to think about resale because things can happen even if you plan on staying there for a lifetime.

As for choosing a builder, interview two or three builders. Be sure you find a builder who clearly shares your vision. Pick a builder that you have confidence in, that matches your personality, that you feel like you can work well with — somebody who can see your dream.

  1. Create Allowances in Your Budget and Calculate Each Detail

Be sure to work with your builder to calculate each detail or to budget for allowances. That fireplace in the master bath or the expansive outdoor living area may fit your dream, but do they fit your budget. Work with your builder to stay on budget, not always an easy task in a luxury home build.

Any homeowner planning to build a luxury property sholud create a budget and account for every detail, from high-end built-ins to all the electronics required for a home of a large scale.

  1. Realize Your Dream Vision, But Don’t Forget Function

Be sure your build a home that is both family-friendly and a welcoming home for entertaining. Consider the family needs in addition to that gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances. Make sure your home design feels like a family lives there and not a model home.

Depending on what you want out of your luxury home, whether it’s to entertain or to showcase your art collection, design your home based on how you plan to use it.

  1. Design to Protect

Luxury homes are owned by people who want to protect their families and valuables. When you build your luxury home, security and privacy are should be major factors. If the neighborhood where you build your custom luxury home is not a gated community, be sure to include a plan for modern security systems in your build.

  1. Plan for Resale

Even if you build your home with the idea that it is a forever home, you may decide to sell it down the road. Be sure that potential buyers will see their dream home in yours. Be careful to build your luxury home to fit your vision, but still have universal appeal in mind so others could see themselves living there in the future.

  1. Build or Buy?

If you’re in the market for a luxury home, consider the pros and cons of building it yourself versus buying an existing one.

Custom luxury home building allows you to control the home’s layout, add personal touches and choose features that cater to your specific lifestyle. But if time or other considerations don’t allow for a custom build, Devonshire Custom Homes often has available luxury homes ready for move in in some of Tampa Bay’s best neighborhoods.

Not sure whether you are in the market to for a custom luxury home build or an available home? We would be glad to help you work through the considerations. Just use the handy button below to request a no obligation consultation with our team at Devonshire Custom Homes.