custom home move in checklist

The 10 Point Custom Home Move in Checklist for the Perfect Move into Your New Home

So your perfectly planned dream home is now complete. Designed to meet all of your must have’s, it is everything that you wanted and you can’t wait to settle into your beautiful new home and mark the beginning of this exciting stage in your life. You’re packing up your stuff and the excitement is palpable. After all, it’s not every day that you get to move into the perfect home.

The hard part is done right?  We’ll not quite. There is one big, important thing remaining.

Moving in.

Moving into any new home requires some preparation and work. Organizing the perfect move for your beautiful new custom home it is no different.

10 Point Custom Home Move In Checklist

Here is our custom home move in checklist to make your move into that beautiful new home as perfect as the home itself:

  1. Plan a move date, but be flexible:  Make sure you include room in your plan in case of weather event or mover related delays.
  2. Make your change of address now: Provide your change of address notice to the Post Office to avoid interruptions in subscriptions and mail. The Post Office will forward magazines and newspapers for awhile, but be sure change the address with them as well. to Don’t forget your drivers license and voter registration. Be sure to notify your bank(s) and credit cards.
  3. Transfer utilities: Contact Gas and electric, water, phone, internet and cable TV providers for your old service to set shut off dates and turn on service at the new home with the appropriate providers. (Make sure you note when you made these changes in a place you can refer to later. Identify the day, time, who you spoke to and the results of that conversation. You may need this later to avoid having to set up new service all over again).
  4. Identify and store important documents – before the move: Paper in boxes can easily be mistaken for trash in the midst of your move.  Store your important documents in a place where this can be avoided.
  5. Create a staging area for packed boxes: Organize the staging area by room so that the movers can put the boxes you so carefully labeled in the right area.
  6. Know what won’t make the move: Decide what things you have collected will make the move and which will not. Don’t move items to your new home that you’ll have to move a second time to storage or to donate.
  7. Donate items you will not move: Many of the things that won’t make your move will be welcome at the Salvation Army, Goodwill or others. Donate these items before the move. Be sure to get receipts for your donations.
  8. Know Your New Home: Be sure to have the builder show you the location of key systems and components in your new home. Learn how to operate your home security, home automation, home theater, garage door openers, water softeners, irrigation sprinkler system, programmable thermostats appliances and more. Make sure you understand the warranties and get printed or electronic versions of these. Have the builder show you where the electrical circuit breakers, water cutoff valves and the like are located in your new custom home and how to operate them.
  9. Know Your Neighborhood:  Update emergency information for your new address. Get address and phone numbers for the nearest hospital, police and fire station. If you have pets, locate a vet and animal hospital in your new neighborhood area.
  10. Relax: Your checklist is ready to make the move to your perfect new home. Moving into your new custom built home will be one of the most exciting days of your life.

The house of your dreams is ready and now so are you to make the perfect move. Check off the items in this custom home move in checklist for a stress free, perfect move! Then go meet your neighbors and start your new life in your new neighborhood!