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Building your Forever Home

Building a Forever Home You Will Love For a Lifetime

Are you thinking about building a forever home?

Forever is mighty long time so you’ll want to take a lot into consideration. Finding the right home in the right location for your family can come with lot of pressure if you’re planning to live there for the rest of your life. So, instead of scouring the market for the exact right house, why not build a forever home you will love for a lifetime?

While designing a luxury custom forever home, you’ll want to consider what will change between now and forever. You may have children now, but they will grow up and move on. Eventually, they may have families of their own and your home will need to play host to your grandchildren. With that in mind, here are some important things to think about when building a forever home you will love for a lifetime.

Future Accessibility
As we age, we lose some of our mobility. Nobody wants to think about growing older and the complications that come with that, but your future self will thank you later.

Getting up and down stairs may become less comfortable, and safety will become a concern. This is why, many families choose to build their luxury custom homes with the master bedroom on the first floor so that, if necessary, most of your daily life can be managed without climbing stairs. Or, if you prefer to have a master on the second floor, plan for the ability to add accessibility modifications like elevators and stair lifts when needed. Other modifications like shower bars, pool lifts, and wheelchair ramps may also be added on later in your life. Three easy things to incorporate in your house plan when you build are:

  • 3’ Doorways
  • 4’ hallways
  • 5’ turn radiuses.

If you or your spouse ever end up in a wheelchair you need to be able to get around your home. With larger halls, doorways and rooms (especially walk-in closets and bathrooms) you will be able to get around your house with less complications.

Available Space
The space needs of your family will evolve and change during your lifetime. When your children have moved on it may prompt opting for a smaller house, but don’t forget you may eventually be hosting the little ones when the next generation of your family comes along.

While downsizing may seem like an easy fix, make sure you’ve considered how your family will continue to change over the next decade. At some point as you age, your loved ones may wish to provide in-home care for you, and suddenly those extra bedrooms will be a godsend.

If you love to entertain, your forever home may be just the right space to host all of your friends and family. The growing trend for children to remain in the household well into their twenties as well as the trend for multigenerational homes should also be taken into account. Living with family can be an excellent way to remain independent as you get older.

Long Term Location
Choosing the right location for your luxury custom home is a priority at any point in your lifetime. If you’re a family with children you’ll be thinking about neighborhoods with the best schools, but as you age and your children leave the nest you may be more focused on proximity to grocery stores, hospitals, and doctors offices.

Finding a location for your forever home isn’t always easy, but it’s absolutely worth it! If finding an open lot to build in your ideal neighborhood is proving to be difficult, take a peek at our available lots as we regularly have lots in some of Tampa Bay’s finest neighborhoods.

Building a forever home means accommodates your ever growing and changing family, but it’s well worth it in the long run. Factors like accessibility, size, and location are important to meeting your current needs as well as the future needs of your family.

Building a forever home is no small undertaking, but count our team at Devonshire Custom Homes to help you find the right lot, and build a luxury custom forever home that you will love for a lifetime.

For a free consultation to talk more about building a forever home, use the handy button below.