Beach Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tampa. Home of beautiful winding streets, tremendous oak trees and soaring palms. The neighborhood emerged during the 1920’s housing boom starting with about 30 large Mediterranean style homes and continued to grow rapidly.

By the time the six mile Gandy Bridge was completed in November of 1924, Beach Park was considered to be one of the most prestigious subdivisions in the West Central section of Florida. Located near the Westshore business district, the northern boundary is Kennedy Blvd., the western boundary is Tampa Bay, the eastern boundary is Lois Ave. and the southern is Morrison Ave.

Swann Circle Park is almost directly in the center of the neighborhood, giving Beach Park homes real style and charm. It is there that you will find people walking their dogs, playing football, riding bikes and jogging. All of the large shade trees help to keep the children cool while they play and make the view magnificent.

Beach Park neighborhood