Backyard Oasis

One of the advantages to building a custom home is the ability to create your own backyard oasis. Much more than a backyard pool,

WBeach Park Oasishen we help home owners envision their backyard oasis, we work with them to create their own unique outdoor experience.

Some of Our Backyard Oasis Work


Spacious outdoor living areas replete with palms, beautiful flora, shady nooks, and beautifully appointed lighting for exquisite nighttime experiences like this “Beach Park Oasis” make for extravagant, luxury outdoor living.

Creating an Outdoor Living Room


Bayshore Estates Custom Home_Outdoor Living_We’ve helped numerous clients extend their home to the outdoors by creating little living rooms on porches and balconies with furniture for a dining area and living room for sharing food, conversation or to just relax.

Seating in these outdoor living spaces is made comfortable with cushions and pillows covered in outdoor fabric Arrangements include outdoor living room furniture to porch swings and hammocks. Small touches such as sun umbrellas can go a long way toward adding both color and comfort.

Well-designed, beautifully appointed outdoor kitchens are constructed nearby to make the outdoor living environment complete. Designed to let guests hang out comfortably near the cook, outdoor kitchens include everything from gas and natural wood burning grills to refrigeration to and built-in dishwashers, plus cabinets to keep plates and utensils handy.

Water Features

Beach Park Oasis_Outdoor Living_

Most backyard oasis plans include a pool and / or a waterfront.  Canal homes and waterfront property take the natural settings into account. Waterfalls, ponds, fountains and pools are surrounded with appropriate vegetation and garden containers in all different shapes, sizes, and colors work to create a relaxed comfortable environment.

Build with stone


Native stones can make your backyard feel more natural and soothing.

These natural feeling environments can use just a few stones to add visual interest in plant beds or go all-out with stone walls and paths. Durable and dramatic, stone can also help tie together your outdoor living spaces.

If a backdoor oasis is part of your vision for your new custom home building project, take a look at some of the work we have done in our Outdoor Living Gallery.

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