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Ideal Master Bedroom for Quality Sleep

9 Keys to Creating the Ideal Master Bedroom for Quality Sleep

While your are working out the design plans for your new custom home build, here is a sometimes overlooked consideration for your master bedroom: Make sure it is the ideal master bedroom for quality sleep!

The most personal space in your new dream home, its your getaway, your oasis of comfort – and it should be the ideal place for healthy sleep.

So how do you create this sanctuary of sleep?

9 Keys to Creating the Ideal Master Bedroom for Quality Sleep

The ideal night of sleep doesn’t begin and end with your mattress selection or the perfect pillow. There are a number of other elements that go into creating a sleep sanctuary. Here our 10 of our keys to designing a master bedroom for better sleep:

  1. Soothing Color Palette : There is a psychology to color. The colors you choose for your master bedroom can have a large emotional and mental impact on you. Bright colors invigorate the spirit… and the mind. But that’s not ideal for better sleep. Instead, use calm, soothing colors. Soft nuetral blues, greens, greys, and pastels, are more peaceful. You might also choose taupes, creams and whites.   All of these will help put your mind at ease and provide the perfect relaxing environment for better sleep. If you must use bright colors in your bedroom, use them as accents.
  2. Lighting Dimmer: A dimmer switch can be your best friend. When its time for bed, low lighting helps you relax and prepares you for better sleep.
  3. Darkness: One of the most important conditions needed for sound sleep is darkness. Put led clocks, set top boxes, phones and computers in places such as an armoire or a night stand drawer so you can get some quality sleep. You may also want to install light-blocking window treatments to block the moonlight at night and the sun in the morning (especially on weekends).
  4. Additional Furniture: Adding a side chair for reading or lounging in a corner can add to a peaceful atmosphere and provide a cozy spot to unwind before bed.
  5. Air Quality: Not often considered, air quality is an important element to a good night’s sleep. A well-placed ceiling fan can help circulate the air so it doesn’t become stale and stagnant. On cool nights, an open window can do the same by letting in a little fresh air. Adding Plants to the decor will also help detoxify the air by taking in carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen.
  6. Room Temperature: A room that is too hot or too cold will make quality sleep a challenge. A thermostat unit in your master bedroom will allow you to manage the conditions that best suit your needs for blissful sleep. A smart thermostat set to your ideal temperature at the time that you typically go to bed works wonders.
  7. Avoid Clutter:  Clutter can rob you of precious sleep time because it tends to lend itself to a restless mind. Keep your master bedroom orderly and inviting. Keep things like laundry away and wardrobe where they belong in your master closet and laundry room. A sitting room, for watching  TV away from the bed is often a good idea for uncluttering the mind before bedtime.
  8. Master Bedroom Placement: The placement of the master bedroom in your home design is an important component to getting quality sleep. If your are building a new custom home, you’ll want your master bedroom placed AWAY from the street, overlooking the backyard if at all possible. This will allow for a quieter environment.  Be sure to not locate it over the garage as this is will not only be noisy but will tend to rob the space of heat due to less insulation.
  9. A Good Mattress: Yes, finally, a good mattress is essential to a blissful night of sleep. A model that fits your particular needs will make a big difference in the rest your body receives each night. There are endless options like pillow, foam, innerspring, adjustable, waterbeds and airbeds. Be sure to research and test the possibilities to make sure that you select the mattress, frame and bedding that will give you the quality night sleep you desire.

Ready to Build Your New Custom Home with The Ideal Master Bedroom for Quality Sleep?

We’re ready to help. At Devonshire Custom Homes, we design house plans that take into account your vision, the needs of your family and your personality. Let us help you design a house plan that fits your dream home vision, with an ideal master bedroom ensuring quality sleep!

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