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6 Home Staging Ideas to Help You Sell Your Existing Home

6 Home-Staging Techniques that Will Help You Sell Your Home 

So you are ready to build that dream home you have been talking about for years. You’ve created design idea boards, worked out everything you want in your new custom home and located a lot where you want to build.

Just one problem. You have to sell your existing home.

Maybe you just put your home on the market, or maybe its been on the real estate market for several months with no offers. Sometimes these things are related to market trends, budget, etc., but there are things you can do to move showings to offers and impact the outcome of your negotiation at contract time.

The appearance and cleanliness of a home can make a difference. A home that looks put-together has the ability to make some of those outside factors seem minor.

So, here is our  quick list on how to score an A-plus in the aesthetics department and close on your home quicker and move into your new Devonshire Custom Home sooner:

1.) Get Rid of Personalization

When a prospective buyer visits your home, you want them to be able to envision themselves in your space. Remove all your family photos and personal effects and replace them with generic items that won’t make them feel like they are in someone else’s home. This allows the potential buyer to picture their own belongings taking up space inside their soon-to-be home.

2.) De-Clutter

Think spring cleaning and lose the mess. The more wall and floor space that can be seen, the greater the square footage a prospective buyer thinks they are receiving. Leave only the bare necessities on display. In the kitchen, for example, only leave necessary appliances, like a mixer and a utensil holder on the counter.

3.) Update and Modernize

Your existing appliances and fixtures may be showing their age. You may need to add new coat of paint on cabinets, replace aging doorknobs, address stainless steel on appliances, and even add all new hangers in the closet to close the deal.

4.) Neutralize color

Repaint all your living spaces in neutral colors. You may love your indigo blue walls, just like idea #1, personalization of paint colors may turn off a buyer who does not share your interest in vibrant colors. Remember, the prospective buyer most likely does not entertain the same taste. Vibrant colors turn buyers away for the mere fact that they can’t imagine themselves living in that room.

5.) Keep it Normal

Don’t overdo neutralizing things too much that it looks like nobody lives in your home. Make sure your home feels like a normal environment. Simple actions like, setting the table, baking cookies, or setting up a reading nook show signs of comfortable, normal living.

6.) Light It Up

Open the curtains or shades and let some light in. This tricks the brain into believing that each living space is large and spacious.

Devonshire Custom Homes holds a reputation as one of the finest Florida home builders in South Tampa and St. Petersburg. We want the transition from your old home to your new home to be simple. The process of selling your home should not be difficult. We want to help lighten your load for a quick move-in!

For more information on home staging, selling and moving into your new home feel free to browse through the rest of our blog for more tips! We strive to make the custom design and construction of your new luxury home to be a great experience that you will enjoy.

Now lets move that existing home!