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Choosing the Lighting for Your New Luxury Home

Choosing the lighting for your new luxury home is one of those features that makes quite an impact, from the moment a person sees the house to enjoying the rooms within, to maximizing outdoor entertaining areas. The fixtures themselves can be bold, stylish and “make a statement” or can be hidden from view so it’s the light itself that showcases the home’s features.

If you’re choosing lighting for a home, first consider how the natural light will perform, then enhance with fixtures accordingly, to fulfill these essentials:

  • MOOD: Think about the use of the room – kitchen, dining room, office, media room, bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor areas all have vastly different lighting needs. However, fixture styles and finishes can ensure visual continuity as desired.
  • PRACTICALITY and CONTROL: Use lighting wisely for security purposes and energy savings – automatic sensors, timers, dimmers, and appropriate task lighting all play a role in making the home function efficiently.
  • STYLE: Whether modern, traditional, minimalist or ornate, lighting should complement the home’s décor – many fixtures surely look like art! Wall or ceiling mounted fixtures provide a welcoming feel and create nice ambient light; recessed lighting works well for unobtrusive task, general or accent lighting; and lamps are ideal for task lighting and accentuating certain areas.

In all cases, have fun choosing from today’s wide assortment of beautiful fixtures! If you need inspiration, take a look at some or our lighting fixtures in our Interior Details and Decor Gallery.