6 point Summer Maintenance Checklist

6 point Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Custom Home

Summer Maintenance Checklist.

Summer is the time to focus on the the maintenance of your home, your lawn and garden. It’s also perfect for having that garage door open to work on any projects you’ve been putting off all spring. Here is a handy 6 point Summer Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Check and clean bathroom / kitchen, grout. Cleaning your grout will prolong the life of your tiled surfaces, not to mention improving how it looks. If you don’t like doing the work by hand, hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Their equipment will likely do a better job than you will do by hand anyway.
  2. Inspect plumbing. Check all your faucets and toilets for any small leaks. Look for tell tell signs like poor water pressure out of a faucet. This is a relatively easy fix, but if you are not handy, now is the time to call the plumber on your maintenance phone list for assistance.
  3. Now is the time to deal with insect problems. Summer is prime time for insects. Ants, spiders, moths, aphids, etc. attack your garden and landscaping during summer months. Ant bait will handle the ants, and organic treatments (or if you must chemical pesticides will manage the rest) Make sure all doors are tightly closed, and do not leave sugar or sugary treats out in your home – they are a magnet for ants. If termites are a concern do some inspection and prevention yourself, or bring in a pest control company for help.
  4. Clean and repair pool deck/patio surfaces. After the colder months and spring rains, generally your deck and/or patio needs a good pressure washing. Wood decks may also need re-staining. Repair and pool screen, fence or post damage left over from the cooler months when you did not venture outside as often.
  5. Check and clean dryer vents.  If your dryer is taking longer than usual to dry the load, check that the exhaust is coming out. It should smell nicely of fresh laundry. If there isn’t much exhaust, check for blockages as well as you can. Clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard. You may wish to call a professional carpet cleaning company – they generally also do dryer vent cleaning. If you can manage it yourself, vacuum the lint from the hose at the dryer.
  6. Clean your garage. Cleaning the garage is sometimes considered a spring cleaning project, but given all the outdoors things you are likely to be managing this summer, make cleaning your garage a summer ritual. Reorganizing, cleaning and tidying up the garage will make your summer projects more manageable.

There are some quarterly maintenance tips that you should be adding to your home care, but we’ll save that for another post. This 6 point summer maintenance checklist should do the trick for now.

Let us know if you have some items you would add to the summer maintenance checklist. You can comment below if you would like to share.