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10 Tips for Finding the Right Property for Your Custom Home Building Project

10 Tips for Finding the Right Property for Your Custom Home Building Project

If you are planning on building a new home, you will need to find the right property for your custom home building Project. There are a number of things to consider when looking for property for your new custom home. Finding the right piece of property is more than looking for the lowest price. How many square feet, how many bedrooms. Will you want to add additional rooms in the future for family? These thoughts all impact the property considerations, but you don’t want to miss other important considerations.

Here are our tips for finding the right property for your new dream home:

10 Tips for Finding the Right Property for Your Custom Home Building Project:

  1. Location is key: Perhaps the most important consideration is the location of the lot and land. Is it in the right school district? Do a dry run of your morning commute in the morning and evening to know what you will be encountering. Get feel for the community and perhaps meet some future neighbors.
  2. Check out the Local Amenities: Are there shops and restaurants of your liking in the area? Are their arts and entertainment nearby?  What about parks and dog walks? Be sure the area you are considering has all the amenities you will want for daily living. You may find our Neighborhood Guide posts useful for some of this.
  3. Understand the Property Layout: Grading and cleaning land can be a budget challenge. Get a clear estimate about what you are facing before acquiring property. Size the lot and determine the area that will accommodate your vision for the footprint of your dream home, to be sure you will be able to build the home of your dreams. If you have selected one, your home builder can help you with this.
  4. Check Property Conditions: Be sure to walk the property. Consider the footprint of your dream home and be sure the views will be what you imagine from areas like a deck, windows etc. Check for any environmental concerns on the property that may impact your build.
  5. Research Site Limitations and Restrictions: Be sure that you know an HOA rules, restrictive covenants, historic district or environmental conditions for the property that will affect your use of the property.
  6. Know the Zoning Laws: Local zoning boards may impact you view of whether or not your dream home will fit the property. Make sure you know how the property is zoned to be sure you won’t be force to compromise your building plan. Of course the property needs to be zoned fro residential, but if you are planning to run a business out of your home is may require property that is zoned for both residential and commercial.
  7. Confirm Utilities and Infrastructure status: Make sure there are no hidden fees for water or sewage connections. Determine if there is high-speed cable or fiber optic available for the lot.
  8.  Consider Future Possibilities: Is the lot you are considering and up and coming area? What developments are planned nearby and how will they affect the neighborhood? Are people moving into our out of the area?
  9.  Schedule a Property Inspection: So you love the property. Now its time to schedule an inspection. to help you assess the property and if it meets your needs for building your dream home.
  10. Work with a Professional: You don’t have to do it all alone. As a custom home builder in some of Tampa Bay’s most desirable neighborhoods, we know the answers to many of these issues and can assist you with most, if not all your property considerations. Additionally, we acquire lots for projects and often have readily available lots in highly desirable neighborhoods.

Ready for finding the right property to build your custom home? We can help. Use the handy button below to request a consultation and we’ll help you get started!